DaVinci's Pizza and Calzones
Old City-(865)637-5040 
Sutherland Ave-(865) 766-5254
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Davinci's Pizza and Calzones is home to the only New Jersey style pizza in Knoxville. What makes it New Jersey style, you ask? It's all about the sauce baby!!! Unlike NY style pizza, we make a sweet sauce to add more flavor to your pie. Also, we use more sugar and less salt in our dough recipe.  Davinci's prepares it own FRESH dough daily, no frozen dough here. We also shred our mozzarella straight from the block, to preserve moisture.  It's the freshest pizza pie you'll ever taste. Our calzones might just be the hidden gem of Davincis. Unlike other pizzerias that just use a size small pizza dough for your calzone, we use a specific size dough for our calzones. This ensures you get a more meaty, cheesy calzone instead of more bread.  You'll be a fool not to try our Buffalo Calzone, packed full of breaded chicken, mozzarella, ranch and hot sauce. It's a Davinci's favorite! 

Davincis Old City
Store Hours
Sun-Thurs: 4 pm-12 am (midnight)
Fri-Sat: 4 pm- 4am


Davincis Sutherland
store and delivery hours
Mon - Fri 11am - 9pm
Sat - Sun 12pm - 9pm
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